Sunday, September 28, 2008

My husband and I were talking with our sunbeam class about Halloween.
We took some votes about what I should wear that day. I proposed a witch, and one of the girls said: - I think you should be a princess!!!, A Purple princess like Me!!!!
So, the witch was the winner, But I still think about being a princess.... Maybe because some times I feel like an ugly princess...
while I was looking for the perfect costum I found this and I satarted to read it out loud until my husband stoped me Saying: Yes..."That's definitely You".
So.... Here it is:
Girls Without Shoes

There are stories to be told……………………………..

Princess Witch Woman
September 28, 2008

“There were two witches who lived in the woods, one of them bad and one of them good………………………”
She is part Princess and part Witch. The Princess part comes not only from her good looks, but from certain things in her soul. The Witch part comes out with her very quick temper and her sharp tongue, which can result in a Princess Witch’s wrath being turned upon you in an instant. The shrieking and flinging of her body at you is in complete opposition to the beautiful Princess side of her nature.
The Princess and Witch side both come in with the men. Men love them. Young and old. It does not matter. Young ones would follow her around drawn to her, sensing the magic that she holds inside. Old ones would propose to her. Others would fall under her spell, becoming obsessed with her, though she may not ever give them another thought. They just cannot help themselves. She would just look at them in a certain way, or crook her finger and they were helpless against her powers.
Now, let me explain more to you about Princess Witch Women. They are delicate creatures in some ways and very strong in others. They will cry at the drop of a hat, or fight you tooth and nail for their families, for their rights, or for your love if necessary. Princess Witch Women crave love and affection. It is necessary for their very existence, for them to even feel alive. Without it, they can wither and die inside and it is not pretty.
Princess Witch Women need extra tender loving care for their souls to thrive. I am not talking about in a material sort of way. They will give you their all, their everything special in return with no regrets as long as their needs are being met in the ways needed. It does take a Special Prince. One with integrity, a deep thinker. One compassionate, strong, with a passion for his woman, and family. Sounds like the perfect man to me, what do you think?
Ahhh, if only there were a Man Store to be had, we princess witches would have no problem. Just order up. There would be no fighting with your mate, no insecurities, no hidden feelings, or secrets of evil nature. The Special Prince would be the spiritual leader , making all things as they should be within that family. It sounds too good to be true, too perfect, like heaven. Maybe it is heaven. I hope that is there also.
A Princess Witch Woman can be the most idyllic lover, friend, wife and mother , given the other half of her soul is there . Special Princes tend to quiet the witch side of us, nourishing our princess side, bringing forth all the beauty within.
Many Princess Witch Women are missing this other half of themselves, are yearning for it. Many are so disappointed and disillusioned ,that they give up their quest often settling for less than is meant for them in their lives. It is a complete shame when this happens as all are affected. Robbed of what can and should be. This makes Princess Witch Woman very sad, often very bitter and angry. Some even living their lives looking and becoming more and more the Witch part, the Princess part being tucked away a little more each day.
Ohhh, if only our men knew…. They believe Princess Witches are so complex, which is true, however what we need from them is so simple . We women get it, why can’t they? The most horrid part of it is that we are aware of the loss, even if we never had a glimpse of it. We just know. We just sense that special part is missing. We grieve and cry and yearn for it. Such a silly shame, such a loss. If a Princess Witch truly finds her Special Prince, she will never take him for granted, but treat him with oh, such love and respect befitting a King.
Yes, in my heaven there will not be a Man Store, but that Special Prince that is chosen just for me. That Special Prince who will respect, encourage, love, cherish and nurture me , leading and providing for me in the ways that are necessary. It will not matter if he is good looking on the outside. On the inside the specialness will be there, bringing forth all the possibilities and inner beauty that this Princess Witch Woman holds inside, awakened and released with just one kiss…………………….
This is for all of my Princess Witch Sisters out there, you know who you are…………………………….

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why a rainbow???

I think that's my life....

Today my husband sent me a text message saying "look out the window to the rainbow"
I was so happy..... A rainbow for me I thought.
Since I was a little girl My Heavenly Father gave me this sign as a great testimony of His existence. I love rainbows!!!!
Today, one more time He shows me that He still remembers the promise He made to Noah.
Today I Know one more time that He lives and He remembers me.
Because after all the dark and rain are gone, He puts a beautiful rainbow in my life...